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Thomas Kopfensteiner’s most important sites are called: Weinberg, Reihburg, Saybritz and Szapary. The site Weinberg is a plateau located in Deutsch-Schützen, 295 meters above sea level.  Its southern alignment and moderate clay ground brings in some of the earthiest, juiciest and fruitiest wine.

Eisenberg is known for having greenish-blue slate floors, which when mixed with heavy clay, can create the perfect grounds to grow dense and fine wines, such as the ones produced at the Reihburg site. The site is located 315 meters above sea level but that is nothing compared to the  Saybritz site, which is almost 100 meters higher. The slate floors here mix with quartz sand to create elegant, and mineral-infused wines. Similar is the Szpary site which like the Saybritz site has a rich, green-gray soil, known for making such delicate and graceful wines.