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The region of south Burgenland may be small, but it is one the highest, varied wine regions, with many multifaceted parts to it. The landscape from Rechnitz in the North to Michendorf in the south, is known for its fruity white wines, like the Welschreisling, Green Veltliner, and white burgundy varietals. But in the center of the region, it is the Blaufränkisch wines that play the biggest roll. This is where Thomas Kopfensteiner’s winery is, which focuses on creating wine that keeps its natural characteristics.  Then in the outermost cities in the south like Heiligenbrunn, the main seller is Uhudler,  a rarity only found in that region.  Here you can find unforgettable Rosé like wines, smelling of wild strawberries 

The  people of south Burgenland go against the mainstream, they don’t keep their treasures to themselves but rather present them proudly to the rest of the world, and provide the bast places for calm consumption.