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Small but good. Often it is the unspectacular things, that create the best, and most affordable services. This ideology truly describes the region of Eisenberg. This once 500 hector area can be found in the „wine-idyll south Burgenland,“ the smallest wine growing region, in all of Burgenland. The Kopfensteiner’s winery is located in the heart of the territory. The wine comes from the historically important city, of Eisenberg, and one of the best sites in the Deutsch-Schützener vineyard area. Even the ancient Romans recognised the conditions in  this area, and used it to produce wines. Since the year 2009, the typical Blaufränkisch grape type, was the most important in the region!

And that is why Thomas Kopfensteiner loves his area so much. The unique fields aren’t just beautiful and full of history, but also create some of the most unique wines!