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Blaufränkisch & Blaufränkisch

Thomas Kopfensteiner produces wines from the Blaufränkisch red grape variety, that have their origin inherent in them: from Deutsch-Schützen and from Eisenberg. Wines made from Blaufränkisch grapes that couldn’t be any more different from each other, yet they are typical for their region and variety.

Deutsch-Schützen, 2015

This grape variety is close to his heart and he knows his Blaufränkisch vineyards, situated in Deutsch-Schützen and Eisenberg, like the back of his hand. Through many years of experience he knows what the vines need in the vineyard and what the wine needs in the cellar. Thomas Kopfensteiner is a winemaker with conviction, specializing in the Blaufränkisch grape variety.

The vineyards situated in Deutsch-Schützen are characterized by the heavy clay soil. Soil that helps to achieve fruity, juicy and earthy wines. Down to earth and honest types of wine. A type of wine, that “is proud of its heritage and totally relaxed.“ In contrast, iron-rich yet meagre soils dominate the Eisenberg vineyards. Along with finesse this helps create elegant wines that have a mineral note. It translates into a wine that is delicate yet assertive, unobtrusive yet very memorable indeed. Thomas Kopfensteiner appreciates the individuality of each vineyard and each wine it helps to create. They challenge him as a winemaker and lead him to discover new nuances with each vintage while at the same time perfecting his craft and his wines.

In 2005 he took over the wine estate and since then this man from Süd-Burgenland is consistent in creating a wine estate that is close to and works with nature. He is meticulous in the vineyards as well as reserved and a purist in the cellar: “My wines should win you over with their typical grape variety and should give you pleasure along with the desire to have another sip. Authentic and straightforward without blending in or overpowering you.“

Apart from his Blaufränkisch vineyards, Thomas Kopfensteiner also cultivates vineyards with the Welschriesling, Weissburgunder, Zweigelt, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals. With the latter two and along with predominantly Blaufränkisch grapes he presses his premium – wine “Border”, that is oak cask matured for 20 months in small oak barrels. The dark Cuvee persuades the nose with aromas of preserved blueberries, a hint of rum pot and fine roasted aromas. Smooth, ripe tannin and a strong body guarantee an optimal maturity potential.

Norbert Eismayer, sales manager of the wine merchant company Morandell knows that these wines from Südburgenland are real treasures: “The wines from the Kopfensteiner wine estate wonderfully portray how wines from Süd-Burgenland should typically taste. Each year Thomas manages to convey the terroir and vintage of Eisenberg in his wines. The quality/price ratio, apart from anything else is sensational ranging from the Eisenberg DAC to his Blaufränkisch Saybritz and Horning. Just perfect!”

Data and facts:
− 15 hectar vineyards: 8 hectar on the Eisenberg, 7 hectar in Deutsch-Schützen

− Most important sites: Weinberg, Hornig, Saybritz, Szapary
− Varietal breakdown: 70 % Blaufränkisch, 10 % Zweigelt, 3 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 7 %, Merlot, 5 % Weißburgunder, 5 % Welschriesling

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