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These two been hard at work together, on their winery, since 2005.  Both their hearts beat for the Blaufränkisch grapes that they grow. The two believe that pure taste should be preserved in the wine making process. Both Astrid and Thomas agree: All-natural management of the vineyard, and little work in the cellar, results in the most authentic taste. Nothing more should be needed for wine, especially if you want that wine to taste of the specially cultivated soil of Eisenberg.

 And what does this diligent couple get up to when not managing and producing wine? Their preferred evening would be walking through fog, with their kids, and having a crispy duck with their favorite, a glass of Blaufränkisch wine, because it is the small moments in life that mean the most.



This is the couple that began it all, setting down the cornerstone for the 15 hectare vineyards that the family now operates together. They can often be seen helping in whatever way they can, even if they aren’t in charge of the vineyard anymore. Edith and Manfred are just happy to help, whether in the fields, behind the cash register of the store, or in the cellar. They work together to make their business run the way any good family business should, and so many years working together gives them double the experience to do so!

What do Edith and Manfred see when they look at the winery? The two see it as their life’s work. It is the backbone of their families lifestyle today and they hope that their family will continue to take the wine to new places in the future.